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Manno’s Christmas Miracle

Meet Manno!  Originally named Manny at CACC, (ID #A175752), this cutieis all purrs and cuddles even though we know he’s in pain.  Arriving at CACC December 5th, he had wounds on his back legs and a matted and swollen bottom.

CACC did what they could to bandage his back legs after cleaning and treating, but once Manno wass in our care and had been seen by a full-service vet, it was discovered that he has an inverted, swollen & ulcerated prepuce — meaning that due to some type of trauma, he was peeing into a pocket in his abdomen — and of course this is incredibly painful!

Because of the generous donations of goodhearted people, we were able to fully fund an Perineal Urethostomy surgery (PU) for Manno.  He did well after surgery, but his recovery is far from over.  This sweet boy is still struggling, but his spirits are up!

When we first got Manno in, he had leg wounds, previously thought to be lacerations.  However, after full diagnostics it was determined that the wounds were actually urine burns that literally scalded his skin and tore at it (because he had been dripping/leaking due to his urinary condition).

Manno has been getting bi-daily bandage changes and wound treatment, however, one leg isn’t seeming to be improving — in fact, it now has nerve damage as a complication from the PU surgery. Manno will have to continue to get treatment on his leg in order to save it; the reality is that it may need to be amputated if the damage can’t be reversed.

We have therefore, based on Manno’s increasing needs, updated the amount of funds needed to help cover his care. If you can donate to his continued medical treatment, it would be much appreciated.

Donations can be made through our GoFundMe account for his care

For those who want to see the damage to the leg, we have another photo, but have hidden placed it below the following Warning, as the photo has been determined to be graphic.