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Capital Campaign


In 2016 we opened our small 997sf facility that houses 15 cats at any given time.  With our rapid expansion and growing base in our community, we are finding that our needs are quickly outgrowing the size of our facility.  Our rescue is a staple in the community and known for taking on difficult cages — injured, ill, senior and other hard-to-place cats.  Our goal is a home for every adoptable cat. 


In 2017, our Board approved a 3-year strategic plan to start a capital campaign with the goal of purchasing a property that can grow with our organization as the community needs arise.  We have started looking into properties, setting aside funds on a monthly basis into our campaign account, and have a few large events planned to help raise funds towards this goal.  Corporate sponsorship at one of the levels mentioned below will allow us to reach this goal to purchase and renovate (as necessary) a property, and continue our service to the community and the cats in our care. 


$2500 = Adoption / Meet-and-Greet Room

This room in the new shelter will be comprised of an education and adoption area where potential pet parents can meet different cats one-on-one, work individually with an adoption counselor, and complete the adoption process.

$5,000 = Transition Room

As many cats are housed in foster care, the transition room will serve as a “hub” for volunteers and fosters to drop off, pick up, and transfer cats in their care to vet appointments, outside pet store partner locations, and to other fosters.  St. Sophia’s sends a minimum of 20 cats each week for spay/neuter appointments, rotates our cats through our store locations every two weeks, and it’s pivotal that our cats have comfortable accommodations while they await their next stage in our program.

$10,000 = Cat Room (3 opportunities at this level)

Our current facility has one free-roam cat room that houses 15 cats at any given time.  The new location that we are looking at will enable to us to expand our capacity have 3 free-roam cat rooms, allowing us to house close to 50 ready-for-adoption cats at any given time.  Each cat space will be designed appropriately to meet the medical, physical, and emotional needs of the cats as they stay there waiting for adoption.

$15,000 = Isolation Room

In the care of animals, it’s inevitable that some, or many may become ill, or one may have behavioral issues needing to be addressed that require a form of temporary housing in isolation from other cats.  An isolation room would provide for these cats by giving them a sterile, quiet, yet comfortable, environment to stay in while waiting for, and receiving, behavioral training and medical care.

$20,000 = Intake Room

As a rescue that partners with many high-volume/high-kill animal controls throughout the state, we roughly 1000 cats a year, roughly 20 a week.  In the spring, summer, and fall, our numbers surge as kitten season becomes overwhelming.  On a daily basis, St. Sophia’s receives close to 50 emails, 5 calls, and numerous messages via our Facebook, Website and other avenues, requesting assistance on transferring cats from animal controls to safety from euthanasia.   Every Tuesday, St. Sophia’s partners with southern Illinois rescues to transport cats and kittens needing care up-state.  Every other Saturday, we work with rescues in the Quad-Cities area to transfer cats into our care.  Bi-Weekly, we visit other closer animal controls to take in cats that need placement.  The intake room will allow us to medically and behaviorally assess each cat and kitten as they come in, address any emergency needs immediately, and prepare them for their foster homes.