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Corporate Sponsorship

As a non-profit organization, with no government funding, we rely on public donations and corporate sponsorship to carry on many of our current activities, support our mission, and to develop new programs and services. 

St. Sophia’s is one of the largest cat rescues in the Chicagoland Area (in capacity for care and number of cats we take in annually) but the only rescue at this level of care that is 100% volunteer (no paid staff). 

St. Sophia’s has grown exponentially in the short time since establishment.  Our first year saw 110 adoptions, working with 1 pet store partner location and 5 foster homes. 

A full 8 years later, we have:

  • 48 licensed foster homes
  • 9 pet store partners with on-site kennels (in which we rotate our available adult cats)
  • Over 200 volunteers
  • An average of 275 cats in our care at any given time

In October 2016, we were excited to announce the opening of our new facility in Westmont; which serves as the hub for our volunteers and fosters, and at only 997sf is only able to house roughly 15 cats.  To date, we have found forever adoptive homes for over 5,000 cats, the majority of which were found through our pet store partners and outreach events.  We are now completing around 950 adoptions a year, averaging 16 adoptions a week.

Our Corporate Sponsorship Program is an attractive way for organizations such as yours to contribute to their community by supporting the mission and vision of St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines in reducing the number of homeless cats and kittens in Illinois. Learn more about how your corporation, organization, foundation, or family can help us reach our goals!

We currently have two active programs for which we are requesting sponsorship:

Mobile Adoption Unit

Capital Campaign for a New Shelter Facility