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Adoption Application


  • Have current photo identification with your current address
  • Be willing and able to spend the time & money needed to care for your cat
  • Carefully read the terms of our Adoption Contract and agree to its terms.
  • Agree that if they cannot keep the cat they have adopted from St. Sophia’s, they must return the cat to us
  • Agree to allow an authorized representative of St. Sophia’s to make an adoption follow-up



Adopting should never be an impulse decision — pets are for life.  We respectfully ask that you come fully prepared to take on the care of a cat prior to filling out an application.  On average, owning a cat costs $40 a month (food/litter/health), which is $480 annually.  Cats (especially kittens) take lots of time, dedication, and love to grow and develop into loving and healthy household pets.

Because we at St. Sophia’s pride ourselves in knowing our cats, we want what’s best for them, and to ensure they are going to good homes we conduct reference checks (personal and veterinary) in addition to the basic application.  Please expect the adoption process to take at least 24 hours, and when your adoption is finalized, you’ll need to bring a carrier to take your new pet home in.